Corporate Clinic

Why is corporate clinic needed?

Many companies have personnel who take time off for back or neck pain and other problems. This can then lead to office disruption due to lack of staff and reduced productivity. Companies have now become more aware of this problem and have taken steps to call in Health and Safety to assess their work stations and correct computer placements and seating.

What is corporate clinic?

Unlike assessing the work stations, we assess the way people are actually working.

We are trained to recognise incorrect working posture and can check their posture, past injury or illness etc. We can help to correct and advise on the spot where problems are going to show up and can treat them on site, which keeps disruption of the working day down.

We will advise on regular computer exercise breaks with our free self help website Please see menu to enter program. This program is free for all to use and needs no login, no personal data is stored and it can be used on networks. This exercise  program has been designed to help keep people healthy and more comfortable. When using the program as part of the working day routine it will help to improve concentration and work capacity, by relieving most of the problems that can occur from prolonged computer use.

Every aspect of a person's lifestyle is assessed to bring greater relief.

What treatments are used and where?

We use Integrated therapies to address health problems, Bowen Therapy, Seated Massage, Physiotherapy, Holistic counselling to name a few.

If you have an empty room in your office we can conduct treatments there or as with seated massage near work stations. These treatments can be conducted in staff break periods or as with work station assessments in their working environment

Staff can also visit our clinic for ongoing treatments.

What are the charges?

The charges for this service are dependent on each company's requirements.

You can choose to pay for each member of staff to have a full consultation and a number of treatments per year as part of their employment package.

You can pay for the consultation and your staff can pay in full for treatments there after.

You can choose to pay for the consultation and a portion of the treatment cost!

You can buy treatment vouchers to give as rewards for achievements!

You can pay all costs and give, as a reward, seated massage to the whole office as a treat!

(Please note full consultation is not required for seated massage treatments).

Please call and make an appointment we will be pleased to visit your company to discuss your requirements.

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