Corporate massage is becoming more popular in the business world

Why are people having corporate massage?

Employees are spending more time in the office working longer hours, under more pressure and are finding it difficult to de-stress and relax. With increased work and pressure, more and more stress is placed on the employees. Because of the additional stress employees suffer from headaches, stiff necks, tight shoulders, and poor health. This results in unhappy and unproductive employees taking time off work. Clever businesses are now adopting professional therapists to help prevent this problem.

How will having corporate massage benefit my business?

There is an increase in moral and employees take less sick days, are more productive while they are at work. Studies have shown that after receiving a massage people are more relaxed, more alert, do math calculations faster and more accurately, have less anxiety and are less depressed. There is a reduction of tension, fewer headaches, and better health. With fewer headaches and less tension employees focus on their work not their pain, discomfort, or poor health.

What happens during a corporate massage?

Corporate massage can take place at workstations or in meeting rooms. Clothes are not removed as we do not use oils or creams on the body during treatments. We do however burn aromatherapy oils and play relaxing background music. Our specially trained therapists will use special massage techniques aimed to release tension in key areas in the upper body. Depending on the length of time for the massage the following areas are treated - neck, back, shoulders, arms, hands, and head. The massages can be between 5 to 30 minutes. The average length of a massage is 10 to 15 minutes.

Benefit to the Employee

In as little as 5 minutes you will feel the benefit of a corporate massage straight away. A corporate massage takes you away from the thinking mind and to a world of relaxation. Imagine that. Not stressing in that moment while you are enjoying a relaxing and rejuvenating corporate massage. The relaxed and mentally and physically rejuvenated state will help you make decisions and certainly will relax you before your next meeting starts.

How do I organise a corporate massage for my office?

No office is too big or too small.

Depending on the size of your company more than one practitioner may be needed.

There is a minimum booking of 2 hours for every session.

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